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BSDHT partners with Howden for auxiliary insurance policy

The new policy will be exclusively available to BSDHT members. (Photograph: Nito/Shutterstock)

Wed. 7 December 2016


LONDON, UK: The British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) has launched an insurance policy called BSDHT Indemnity that has specifically been complied for dental hygienists and therapists. According to the organisation, the policy will offer lower premiums, as the current available schemes were solely designed for high-risk groups like dentists.

“Being a low exposure and low risk group, it’s unfair for dental hygienists and dental therapists to have to incur the higher premiums of typical insurance policies, and BSDHT Indemnity seeks to correct this,” said BSDHT President, Helen Minnery. “By launching this bespoke insurance plan we want our members to feel both confident and reassured that there is a policy that is specifically built for them.”

For the development of Indemnity, the BSDHT partnered with Howden, a London-based chartered insurance broker with a specialist care and medical team. It will be exclusively available to members of the organisation and can be purchased at any time of the year, the organisation said.

“As an insurance broker specialising in the medical sector, we are delighted to collaborate with the BSDHT to deliver this bespoke indemnity product. Having drawn on the expertise of both organisations, and having spent time researching BSDHT members, we are confident that the offering will be well received,” Adam Burr, Divisional Director, Howden Care & Medical division, said.

Minnery added: “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase the range of benefits offered to our members and BSDHT Indemnity is an excellent example of this. We sincerely hope that our members will take advantage of this new policy.”

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