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Four ways for dental laboratories to benefit from digital workflows

From designing simple crowns to designing dentures, 3Shape Dental System’s intuitive next-next and artificial intelligence-supported workflows make designing fast and predictable. (Image: 3Shape)

Fri. 8 September 2023


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: “For a lab, every second counts,” according to Lee Culp, certified dental technician and CEO of Sculpture Studios, a dental laboratory in Apex in North Carolina in the US. The use of intra-oral scanners by dentists is booming, and coupled with a dental laboratory’s need for speed, this could soon mean that CAD/CAM, once considered by some laboratories a more efficient and predictable way to work, may soon become the only way for all laboratories to work. Here are four cost-effective ways that 3Shape can power the transition to a modern digital laboratory.

CAD workflows with AI-powered indications

The backbone of a laboratory’s digital workflow is 3Shape Dental System CAD software. From designing simple crowns to designing dentures, 3Shape Dental System’s intuitive next-next and artificial intelligence-supported (AI-supported) workflows make designing fast and predictable.

3Shape Dental System gives users everything they need to create and share restorative proposals with their customers digitally. They can then send designs off for production to a growing range of fully integrated mills and 3D printers with 3Shape Produce.

In addition, the software uses AI technology to make mundane workflow tasks like sectioning teeth more efficient. However, 3Shape AI does even more. It integrates seamlessly with 3Shape Automate, the company’s AI-driven design service, and with 3Shape Design Service.

Laboratories needing design help can take advantage of the two fully integrated design services 24/7. Turnaround time for 3Shape Automate is as little as 5 minutes.

Fast precision scanning

For now, laboratories may still need to convert analogue impressions to digital models. 3Shape’s award-winning desktop scanners make this simple. There is a 3Shape laboratory scanner for every budget in the company’s wide range of scanners, which includes the recently released F8 dual-model scanner and four Generation E scanner models.

The new F8 laboratory scanner is engineered for efficient dual-model scanning workflows and enables articulator scanning. Its innovative design allows laboratories to do more in less time with fewer scanner interactions and workflow steps.

Laboratory management software

“With my laboratory management software from 3Shape, I do everything from callbacks, retention, financial measurements, production measurements, case tracking and more. And I do it all from my phone,” said Culp.

3Shape recently launched its cloud-based 3Shape Lab Management Software. It enables laboratories to organise every case, whether analogue or digital, transform client relationships, manage client expectations and effortlessly collaborate across teams while streamlining every task to make the laboratory run more efficiently.

Support and ongoing training

3Shape’s LabCare service package is the safest way to ensure success and secure an investment. LabCare provides unlimited software upgrades, support, hands-on training, events and unique product discounts. However, it is completely optional, and instead, users can choose 3Shape’s basic non-subscription package at no additional cost.

Go digital now

By going digital, dental technicians will experience efficiency gains and accuracy improvements. The best part is that laboratories can start small, as 3Shape solutions are scalable.

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