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TePe presents UK’s first bioplastic toothbrush at 2018 BDIA Dental Showcase

By Dental Tribune UK
October 08, 2018

LONDON, UK: TePe, a family-owned Swedish manufacturer of oral hygiene products, has unveiled a new bioplastic toothbrush made from sugar cane and castor oil and manufactured using 100 per cent green energy. The toothbrush was presented to the public for the first time at last week’s BDIA Dental Showcase.

The TePe GOOD toothbrush is the first product in the company’s GOOD range, intended to offer more sustainable choices to environmentally conscious consumers and the industry without compromising on product quality or design. Developed in collaboration with dental experts, the GOOD toothbrush’s use of renewable materials enables recirculation of up to 95 per cent of the carbon dioxide emissions created during the product’s life cycle, according to TePe.

“The TePe GOOD product range marks a milestone in our continued journey towards a more sustainable future,” said Elaine Tilling, Head of Clinical Education at TePe UK.

“The introduction of our bioplastic toothbrush offers an environmentally sensitive oral care solution that does not compromise on quality. This, combined with our commitment to manufacture with 100 per cent green energy, marks another important step for us as we explore opportunities to become a more sustainable business.”

Like all TePe products, the GOOD toothbrush is manufactured in Malmö in Sweden at the company’s factory, which possesses the largest solar power plant in the city. It will be available in the UK from November.

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