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Septodont highlights Biodentine at BDIA Dental Showcase

By Dental Tribune UK
October 17, 2019

BIRMINGHAM, UK: Since its launch almost a decade ago, Septodont’s Biodentine has gone on to establish a high standard for vital pulp therapy. At the 2019 BDIA Dental Showcase, Septodont is demonstrating the dental material’s proven ability to counteract irreversible pulpitis in teeth, which potentially saves patients from undergoing root canal therapy.

Biodentine has been acknowledged in more than 600 publications worldwide and can be used safely for teeth showing the signs and symptoms of irreversible pulpitis provided that haemostasis is achieved within 5 minutes. Vital pulp therapy using this multi-indication material is minimally invasive, allowing for as much as possible of the tooth structure to be preserved.

Also on show at Septodont’s stand is Ultra Safety Plus, its needle-stick injury prevention device. Ultra Safety Plus comes with a sterile single-use aspirating syringe system that is specifically designed to prevent needle-stick injuries. It features a transparent barrel that allows for clear visualisation of the aspiration.

Dr Barry Oulton, founder of the company The Confident Dentist, is also on hand at the Septodont stand to provide mini-lectures about how dental practices can achieve compliance while improving clinical techniques. Oulton’s aim is to help attendees feel secure in offering pain-free dentistry to their patients by mastering his comfortable dental injection technique.

For more information about Septodont, visit the company at Stand #G20 at the 2019 BDIA Dental Showcase.

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