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Practice owner shares how he worked his way up from a receptionist to Principal Dentist

Practice owner shares how he worked his way up from a receptionist to Principal Dentist. (Image: Broadway Dental Boutique)

Thu. 6 July 2023


Dr Amo Sohal is the Principal Dentist at Broadway Dental Boutique. He completed his dental degree in 2014, before finding a practice in Crawley – where he began as a receptionist, working for free, before making his way up.

During this time, he worked as a dental nurse, a hygienist and finally a dentist. In 2016 an opportunity arose to buy the practice, which he grabbed with both hands. Dr Amo’s experience working his way up through the practice was invaluable. When he bought the practice, he began to add his own input and learnt from the mistakes he had previously made and witnessed.

Amo is now the co-founder of the award-winning Broadway Dental Boutique. He has been nominated as a finalist at the prestigious Private Dentistry Awards 2017-2019 and The Dentistry Awards 2017-2019 for Best Young Dentist. Outside of the clinic Dr Amo is an ambassador for Philips Oral Heath, and has a passion for dental technology and self-investment.

He shares his insights with us:

Dr Amo Sohal

Who inspired you to become a dentist, and who continues to inspire you?
I realised my passions centred around science, physics, innovations, helping people and working with my hands. Dentistry seemed like the best avenue for me to choose, to give the best of myself to the world. I am inspired by the way dentistry combines science, innovations (dentistry and new technology is forever advancing) and helping people. It amazing how we can fix people’s problems, sometimes in one visit. But going on full journey with a patient, where many are nervous to smile and then seeing them leave at the end of treatment with smile ear to ear and tears of joy is a huge inspiration. It is a pleasure to be able to give back people’s confidence.

What were your expectations the beginning of your career? Have these been exceeded?
I didn’t have many expectations. No one offered me a job when I first graduated. I am a UK citizen, but I studied abroad, as there were no spaces in UK dental schools. Nobody would offer a job to an overseas qualified dentist, and prioritised dentists who graduated from the UK. I went door to door for months on end, and I finally got a position to work for free as a dental reception, even though I was a fully qualified dentist. My expectations were understandably low. However, I have since bought the same dental practice. When I bought it, it was a two surgery clinic, with the second room open one day a week. We are now a busy, six surgery private practice, with plans to extend to eight rooms.

My advice would be not to take no for an answer. If you have the passion, hard work and the dedication you will succeed; I guarantee it! See each failure as one step closer to success.

What would you like to pass on to the next generation of dental professionals?
Invest in yourself. Self-investment is the best investment. Once you find your passion in dentistry, then re-invest in your passions. Take additional courses and do further education.  It is much easier to keep up your passion, hard work and dedication to a skill/craft when you are doing what you love. This is vital when you have those ‘bad days’; we all do and it’s the passion that allow you to rise above them. Also invest in non-clinical skills; many dentists focus solely on the clinical side. Instead you should also skill up on non-clinical skills, and treat the patient as a person, and not just a bunch of teeth.

Would you do anything differently if you could start again?
Nothing, all of my past has led to the present. I often do wonder if I should have stood firm and not accepted a dental reception role for free. Would I have been better off? Maybe in the short run but I believe all the challenges that you can overcome simply conditions you to be more resilient in the future. Resilience is a fantastic skill to have.

What is your proudest achievement?
Building and growing my team, and creating a happy, safe and relaxed environment where people can come to work. And of course seeing the confidence back on my patients’ face when they smile at the end of their treatment plans.

What are your favourite products to use with your patients?
I would struggle without Philips Sonicare. It helps maintain my patients’ oral hygiene, and cosmetic work]. My passion is teeth straightening, and Sonicare also helps keep all the attachments clean.

I am an Invisalign Diamond Provider, and it is my recommendation as a system for teeth straightening, having previously used labial fixed braces, lingual fixed braces and alternate clear aligner companies. My iTero scanner as gives me the great accuracy of records need to plan teeth movements.

I also like using Dental Monitoring as it allows me to give an extra level of care to patients with weekly check in via a patient dedicated app.

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