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How Invisalign Virtual Care AI 3.0 benefits both practice and patients

How Invisalign Virtual Care AI 3.0 benefits both practice and patients. (Image: Align Technology)
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Dental Tribune UK & Ireland

Wed. 6 September 2023


Invisalign Virtual Care AI 3.0, the latest version of Align Technology’s remote patient monitoring solution, is an artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted remote monitoring solution integrated with the Invisalign digital workflow. It works with the My Invisalign patient app and is also integrated with each patient’s ClinCheck treatment plan, to clinically monitor progress between practice visits, helping to ensure Invisalign treatment stays on track and any issues are picked up early.  

Dr John Costello

Dr John Costello, orthodontic specialist in Sevenoaks, Kent, explains how this remote patient monitoring system benefits his patients and his practice, as it allows doctors to assess tooth movements between visits, in-practice appointments can then be focused on patients’ clinical needs: “About 90% of adults in our practice are currently wearing aligners, and 50% to 60% of our patients are teenagers. So, our caseload is currently comprised of about 70% Invisalign treatments. We've watched the development of Invisalign Virtual Care AI 3.0 and integrated it into our practice workflow in January this year and we've now got more than 100 patients who are using the system.

“The technology creates a weekly remote, personalised touchpoint with our patients and allows longer intervals between in-practice appointments, which is really important for some of our patients, who are at boarding school or university. In fact, we've got patients all over the country and some who live abroad, so it gives us - and them - much more flexibility. For me, one of the key benefits is being able to assure the parents of teenagers that we are able to watch and receive feedback on their treatment on a weekly basis, which really helps with compliance and cooperation. Importantly, we can also touch base with the patient and parent mid appointment intervals if we feel things are slipping.

“It also enables very organised appointments and tells us what to expect pre appointment. For instance, if there’s an attachment off or tracking issues which needs to be addressed, we will know that in advance of the appointment. It also alerts us if a patient is struggling with certain aspects of their treatment. It’s not just about what you get back digitally, but also staying updated about a patient’s life, if they have been ill for example, which is an important aspect of good customer service that we provide.”

For patients, Invisalign Virtual Care AI 3.0 is very easy to use, as the app tells them what’s required. They just need to take the same photos on their phones weekly and then share images with their doctor. No other equipment other than cheek retractors are needed.

Dr Costello adds: “I’m also convinced that it enhances patient cooperation, and this has given me the confidence to encourage the team to market the Invisalign System to a younger age group. And if you’re a patient, you are receiving a personalised service from a team who really engage with them and get to know them well as they communicate weekly. This is all integrated as an intrinsic part of their treatment protocol - and there is no additional cost to them for having this overarching monitoring and care package.”

For practice teams, the way Invisalign Virtual Care AI 3.0 is integrated into their treatment plan starts from the first appointment where they take patient scans, photographs, and x-rays. Patients are then asked to download the My Invisalign patient app onto their phones to get them set up before they leave the practice. When their Invisalign aligners are fit at a subsequent appointment, the team also shows them how to use the app and take their weekly photographs. From the following week, patients begin to send photos back and the practice start a personalised communications and feedback dialogue with them.

The system helps doctor and practice staff to create good relationships with patients, with a tool which can be tailored specifically for each patient. It does help them to keep up with their treatment, to be compliant, and to feel more engaged.

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