Launch of Aligner Dental Academy announced

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Launch of Aligner Dental Academy announced

Launch of Aligner Dental Academy announced. (Image: Shutterstock / Andrey_Popov)
Dental Tribune UK & Ireland

Dental Tribune UK & Ireland

Tue. 28 March 2023


Aligner Dental Academy is a next-level education and support for dentists striving to deliver gold standard aligner therapy and accredit their work.

Aligner therapy has taken the dental sector by storm, revolutionising orthodontic and restorative dental treatments. With new and emerging digital technologies future-proofing high-level results, patient demand continues to rise. The rapid evolution and diversification in treatment delivery has led to an increasing number of general dental practitioners (GDPs) seeking out ways to incorporate aligner therapy into their everyday practice. But with this comes an onus upon them to stay abreast of innovation and best practice protocols to ensure they are well-equipped to provide high-quality care, predictable results and meet patient expectations.

Now an exciting development has created an opportunity for general dentists to excel in their delivery and unlock their professional potential. The Aligner Dental Academy launches on 3 April 2023. This is the world’s first independent and expert-led dental academy dedicated to clear aligner therapy, which aims to become the global go-to authority in education and support for GDPs.

The founders of the Academy – Dr Barry Buckley (CEO & General Dentist BDS MFDS RCSE) and Dr Raman Aulakh (CEO & Specialist Orthodontist BDS MSc Orth Dip ClinEd) – have been delivering Invisalign certification courses in both the Go and Comprehensive portfolios for general dentists across EMEA for the past seven years.

In 2021, they launched a new support and education platform called the Aligner Global Community (AGC) as a separate brand under the Aligner Consulting umbrella.  Since then, the two brands have been operating side by side certifying, educating, and supporting Invisalign doctors on their journey.  Now, to take their offering to the next level, they have merged to create the world’s first Aligner Dental Academy.

Dr Barry Buckley explains: ‘We are bringing together motivated dentists who are focused on elevating their clinical and non-clinical expertise and capabilities to give the best patient experience. As the leading authority in education, support, and career development for those dentists providing aligner therapy, we offer a wealth of opportunities for them to succeed.

‘From niche industry-specific workshops to global virtual conferences, in-depth case reports to essential troubleshooting tips, we believe that connection and knowledge sharing are essential to building a strong ethos of professionalism, boosting clinical confidence and helping practitioners deliver great results. The Academy is simply the only place to go to learn everything there is to know about aligner therapy if you are a general dentist.’

The Aligner Dental Academy is already the fastest-growing, industry-specific peer-to-peer community developed for dentists by dentists and boasts an 10,000-plus membership from 112 countries around the globe.

Dr Raman Aulakh adds: ‘We are providing everything GDPs need to be better clinicians. We believe the Aligner Dental Academy offers general dentists a badge of excellence and commitment to best-practice clear aligner therapy and minimally invasive comprehensive dentistry.  By providing gold-standard continued education, mentoring and career support – and a recognised accreditation pathway – we believe we can ignite change within the industry.’

Focusing on top-level education, peer-to-peer support, and mentorship, the Aligner Dental Academy provides the most all-encompassing programme available to GPs:

  • Unlimited access to 70-plus hours of CPD-certified e-learning modules
  • Mentorship, with the option to book 1-1 mentorship calls
  • Support with 48-hour Forum response time
  • Access to a comprehensive library of clinical documents, downloads, videos and articles
  • Monthly live and online events with presentations from industry experts.

Clinical topics include SAFE assessments, troubleshooting in Invisalign, mastery of ClinCheck, ortho-restorative and ortho-perio, managing occlusion, case analysis and predictability with aligners.

Non-clinical topics covered include litigation, virtual consultations, Invisalign promotion days, career planning, marketing, remote aligner workflows, sales and patient conversions, leadership, practice management, consent and finance.

Membership and accreditation

The Aligner Dental Academy offers three incremental tiers of membership:

  1. Academy member: This tier is open to all qualified GDPs committed to best-practice GP aligner therapy through gold-standard continued education, mentoring, and career support
  2. Accredited Academy member: This tier is the gold standard for professionals leading initiatives within the profession. Accredited members must demonstrate a high standard of knowledge, experience, and development. Dentists must apply to become a member.
  3. Academy Fellow: Becoming an Academy Fellow is the ultimate indicator of significant professional experience and expertise. Academy fellow members have shown evidence of outstanding contributions and performance in dentistry. Application is also required for this tier.

Membership of The Aligner Dental Academy is £49 per month. To attend a launch event webinar on 4th April at 7.30 pm visit and register in advance:

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