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Orthodontic Forum for the Midlands announced

Orthodontic Forum for the Midlands announced. (Image: DentalMonitoring)
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Dental Tribune UK & Ireland

Thu. 27 April 2023


Orthodontists who advocate the use of DentalMonitoring – the orthodontic sector’s most advanced remote monitoring system – will be addressing its latest Ortho Forum in Birmingham – the second largest city in the UK.  The event is being staged for orthodontists based in the Midlands on Friday 30th June and four people who champion the use of visionary technologies will be exploring the latest topics, trends and challenges faced by the profession and how these might be resolved by adopting a digital approach.

The Ortho Forum aims to help delegates:

  • To explore ways to address the unique challenges faced by Orthodontic Specialists.
  • Understand trends in the dental and orthodontic sectors
  • Learn how to make the orthodontic practice resilient in the face of future economic downturns
  • Understand how to remotely monitor orthodontic patients
  • Understand the importance of patient centricity

Keynote speaker Dr Darsh Patel is an Orthodontist has a zeal for finding ways to working smarter, not harder. Thanks to DentalMonitoring he has adopted new workflows and efficiencies for both adult and adolescent patients being treated with conventional braces and aligners.  He is also able to reduce clinical and travel time for both himself and his patients.  He says “With the advent of remote monitoring and AI technology, I have seen a paradigm shift of what orthodontic care will look like in the future”.

Delegates will also be addressed by Birmingham based Orthodontist Virginia Rooktin Grey who is best placed to talk about the specific challenges faced by specialists in the Midlands and explaining how to implement DentalMonitoring into an orthodontic practice.

Leadership coach and author Jamie Morley’s talk will focus on trends in orthodontics; suggesting how DentalMonitoring can add value and help with the specific challenges specialists face.  Jamie, who has 25 years of experience leading business teams, commented: “At the DentalMonitoring event in Birmingham, I will discuss impending challenges and trends in dentistry, and how Orthodontists can prepare for the direction the sector is heading.”

The event will also give attendees the chance to have a practical overview of the DentalMonitoring platform, and have dinner and drinks whilst networking with their peers.

Where: Park Regis, Birmingham

When:  Friday 20th June 2023

Time:   2pm - 6 pm, followed by dinner

All attendees will receive a three-hour verified CPD certificate. Please visit:

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Dr Patel Darsh

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