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Establishing behaviour change in our patients

This webinar will help the audience encourage behaviour change in their patients with the aim to coach patients to achieve optimal oral health. Watching this webinar will help the audience to understand different behaviour change models, establish what stage their patients fall into each model and use this knowledge to ensure the OHI that is given has an increased chance of eliciting behaviour change.

• Appreciate why you need to learn about behaviour change 
• Learn how to change your own behaviour first in order to encourage behaviour change in your patients
• List and explain the behaviour change models and techniques and discover how to apply these to your own practice
• Outline the major stages in each model/theory and learn how to establish which stage your patient is into help with your OHI delivery and how to recommend products
• Learn how to use behaviour change models to encourage and motivate patients to attend frequently and use this to improve your recall

Watch the webinar

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