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“Digital dentistry represents the present and future of our practice”

According to implant dentist Dr Henriette Lerner, events such as the Digital Dentistry Show can help ease the transition to digital dentistry for dental professionals. (Image: Henriette Lerner)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Mon. 25 March 2024


The DDS.Berlin platform and the Digital Dentistry Society have collaborated to stage an unparalleled experience in digital dentistry: the Digital Dentistry Show—taking place in June. To gain some insights, Dental Tribune International spoke with past President of the Digital Dentistry Society Dr Henriette Lerner, who is a prominent implant dentist and the owner of HL Dentclinic and Academy in Baden-Baden in Germany, about the purpose and significance of the show for digital dentistry. In this interview, she also gives some valuable recommendations on the pivotal role of education in this transformative era.

Dr Lerner, can you share insights into the genesis and evolution of the partnership between DDS.Berlin and the Digital Dentistry Society? What were the key motivations and objectives for this collaboration, particularly in the context of advancing digital dentistry practices?
Digital dentistry represents the present and future of our practice. It is a new discipline that requires the integration of the newest technologies in a scientifically validated and predictable manner in daily practice. The mission of the Digital Dentistry Society is to explore the latest technologies, validate them through studies and quality standards, and disseminate them through structured educational paths. The value of this event lies in the convergence of the newest technological companies in one location and the sharing of the clinical applications of these technologies through workshops and lectures. The Digital Dentistry Show also introduces a completely new format, being designed to be an open-door event and to attract free visitors, thus inviting the new generation to the dentistry of the future. The event even includes a party!

Digital dentistry is rapidly transforming the landscape of dental care, from diagnostics to treatment planning and execution. In your view, what are the most groundbreaking advancements in digital dentistry that are currently shaping the industry?
The face of dentistry is evolving daily through innovative solutions brought forth by various industry participants, including practitioners and inventors. Among the groundbreaking areas of technological development is artificial intelligence (AI), particularly the branches of AI focusing on enhanced technological accuracy and speed. This is an enormous field that is growing exponentially. Augmented and mixed reality are replacing written information flows in dental practice management, patient education and teaching. Guided surgery is at the edge of revolutionary changes, as are robotics and bioprinting.

“The face of dentistry is evolving daily through innovative solutions brought forth by various industry participants.

Looking ahead, what challenges and opportunities do you foresee in the integration of digital technologies in dental practice? How do you envision the role of platforms such as DDS.Berlin and organisations such as the Digital Dentistry Society in addressing these challenges and leveraging these opportunities to further the field?
The challenge lies in facilitating the adoption of digital technologies, helping to overcome current fears and moving away from old traditions. The greatest opportunity for facilitating the transition to digital dentistry is through providing education and information that seek to reduce the time and effort required to learn to use new technologies. Here, education such as offered by the Digital Dentistry Society has a role, especially because it is currently the largest scientific society in digital dentistry. Together with organisers of international events such as the Digital Dentistry Show, which will be promoted globally in the future, we can exponentially accelerate the awareness, professional knowledge and technological parameters of our new dentistry.

Editorial note:

More information about the Digital Dentistry Show, which is scheduled for 28 and 29 June at the Arena Berlin, can be found on the event’s website.

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