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Carestream – CS 3D Imaging Software

Unleash the power of 3D with CS 3D Imaging Software. Featuring advanced functions and applications, the user-friendly program is designed to improve diagnostic and treatment planning capabilities, and…

Kemdent – Kemsil Precise lab putty

Kemsil Precise is a revolutionary new easy to use addition-cured lab putty. Dental Technicians already appreciate how versatile and useful lab putty can be. Kemdent have made it quick and easy to use…

Kemdent – Kemsil Duplicating silicone

Kemsil Duplicating silicone is a easy to use addition-cured duplicating system with added wetting agent. Dental Technicians already appreciate the greater accuracy and stability offered by addition-cu…

Quicklase 6w / 12w Dual 4″ 810+980nm laser

The 6w Dual or 12w Dual lasers are the 4th generation laser with a large 4″ colour screen allowing for ease of use and functionality. The 6w Dual or the 12w Dual lasers comes with both 810nm and 980nm…

J&S Davis Master-Pin-Control

This revolutionary pin system was developed with Dr Istvan Urban, specifically for the fixation of resorbable, non-resorbable and titanium membranes on local bone and offers safe and convenient use.

J&S Davis – Benex-Control

The Benex-Control Professional is perfectly suitable for extracting dental roots and dental root fragments, whenever conventional drawing using forceps and leverage should be avoided (e.g. in the cont…

QED Non-latex rubber dam

Latex free rubber dam powder freer tear resistant extremely elastic has excellent recovery properties for effective isolation of the tooth odourless shelf life at least 3 years   More information…

QED Standardised Absorbent Paper Points

Sterile cell packed Paper Points standardised ISO sized Colour coded for easy identification Available in sizes 15 to 80 in boxes of individual sizes and assortments – 15/40 and 45/80 Box of 200 piece…

EMS Piezon Endo Files

For optimal cleaning of the root canal



Enlighten – Tooth Serum Paste

A desensitising serum paste that redefines daily oral care. Desensitising and repairing at the same time.

QuickWhite – In-Surgery/Laser

Our in-surgery kit comes as a kit form and conforms to the UK & European teeth bleaching regulations. The famous and best selling in-surgery/Laser whitening kit for teeth bleaching. Contains 3 pot…


VITA ENAMIC for CEREC inLab 2M2 Translucent – EM-14 (5) VITA ENAMIC is the first dental hybrid ceramic in the world with a dual-network structure ( ̴ 96 % ceramic – 14% Polymer ). In this dental mater…

Cattani Cleaning Consumables

Cattani Cleaning Consumables incorporate the range of Magnolia disinfectant and sanitising agents, as well as the Company’s extensive Suction Tips & Adaptor products. Magnolia is a comprehensive r…

Bambach Saddle Seat

The Bambach is the only seat scientifically proven to help you sit comfortably, naturally, upright and stable, relieving and preventing posture related problems including lower back pain and Sciatica!

Happythreads – Women’s Print Scrub Tops

If you are looking to add some fun to your daily scrub uniform, see our selection of printed scrub tops. Funky patterns and bright colours are also patients’ favourite, making our tunics ideal for pae…

Happythreads – Men’s Scrub Tops

Make a statement in work.

Belmont Touch

Touchscreen control key features: Easy-clean glass screen Handheld exposure switch USB port Wall-mounted Sleep Mode Instant Error Code reports Multilingual operation system Phot-X IIS key features: DC…

Lemonchase Dental Surgery Lighting

As any clinician will know, the correct lighting is essential if one is to perform precision-oriented tasks such as dental procedures.

Hague Dental Supplies – Dental Surgery Cabinetry

Your surgery says a lot about you. Our dental cabinetry designs are created to suit your individual style and working methods, ensuring that everything is right to hand, leaving you time to concentrat…

Kemdent – PracticeSafe Impression Soak

PracticeSafe – Alcohol Free Quat-Based Impression Soak Disinfectant This concentrate is used for disinfecting dental impressions including Alginate, Silicone, Polyether, impressions  and plaster. Impr…

Kemdent – PracticeSafe

PracticeSafe – Alcohol Based Surface Disinfectant – Original Fragrance Specially formulated for hard alcohol resistant surfaces in Dental Practices and commercial laboratories. Specially formulated fo…

Kemdent – InstrumentSafe

InstrumentSafe – Alcohol Free Instrument Disinfectant High performance liquid concentrate suitable for cleaning and disinfection of thermo-stable and thermolabile dental instruments. An aldehyde and p…

Kemdent – ChairSafe

ChairSafe – Alcohol Free Surface Disinfectant and Surface Disinfectant Wipes Specially formulated to clean sensitive surfaces and equipment, including the leather and synthetic facings of dental chair…

Kemdent – PumiceSafe

PumiceSafe – Alcohol Free Universal Cleaner PumiceSafe is an ideal algaecidal and fungicidal application for pumice and as a tabletop surface cleaner. Soaking lathe brushes in PumiceSafe cleans them b…


Motor-operated door closure with triple-protection, guarantees better safety, greater ease of handling and automatic regulation of the door. Instantaneous Vaporizer outside the chamber allowing higher…

Piksters – Foamies


C&D – Lumibright 2

Lumibright 2 loupe headlight features a 3 watt super bright white LED from Phillips. It produces a extremely bright, shadow-free beam of light of approx. 100mm diameter @ 400mm working distance. Six l…

3M Incognito Appliance System

The Incognito Appliance System features fully customized brackets, archwires and bonding trays to deliver predictable, efficient and aesthetic treatment.

db orthodontics OPRO Gold Self-Fit Mouthguard for Braces

Gold level braces mouthguard for fixed brace wearers. Superior impact protection thanks to a dual layer construction. Self-Fit

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