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Playbrush kids toothbrushes

Toothbrushing tantrums? A thing of the past!

Our smart kids toothbrushes make dental care finally fun! Combined with interactive game apps, children can playfully learn how to brush their teeth and prevent cavities.

The Toothbrush

Does your child brush manually or with an electric brush? Playbrush will provide you with the right fit! Choose between Playbrush Smart, our intelligent toothbrush attachment or Playbrush Smart Sonic our smart sonic toothbrush.

  • Our technology translates brushing movements into the App and gives feedback on coverage, pressure, speed, duration and frequency.
  • Playbrush Smart fits almost any manual toothbrush.
  • Playbrush Smart Sonic, a fully integrated electric toothbrush with extra soft bristles and 17,000 swivel movements per minute; measures pressure and has two brushing modes: Normal and Sensitive.


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