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Canny Dentists – the wellbeing social network for dental professional aims to be “for the dental industry, funded by the dental industry”

Canny Dentists – the wellbeing social network for dental professional aims to be “for the dental industry, funded by the dental industry”. (Image: Canny Dentists)
Dental Tribune UK & Ireland

Dental Tribune UK & Ireland

Mon. 18 September 2023


Canny Dentists, the members-only social network designed to support the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of anyone working in UK dental practice, went live this week.

Following a test phase through the summer with approximately 350 members, is also now joined by the Canny Dentists app, available from the Google Play and the Apple app stores, and aims to offer a unique platform for everyone from dentists to hygienists, no matter how senior or junior their role. The app will be available on the stores in a week or so.

Canny Dentists, which was founded and is currently entirely self-funded, by dentist Dr. Jatinder Ubhi and advertising and marketing professional Andrew Phillips, works in a very similar way to other social networks: Intuitive to navigate, it includes familiar features, such as a scrolling newsfeed, notifications, groups and a chat function, but with content uniquely tailored to each user.

To ensure Canny Dentists’ content, from news and features to podcast interviews, is always relevant to members, Ubhi and Phillips have agreed a new Clinical Advisory Board comprising well-known and respected figures from the UK dental industry. “Paul Tipton, Janine Brookes MBE and Angie Heilmann MBE will give us an extra degree of credibility and gravitas,” said Phillips, adding that they are also looking to partner with organisations to help create the diverse mix of content Canny Dentists will carry.

“Because we have a large number of groups on the platform, with specific interests and needs, just the two of us can't create all the content, so we're looking for partners to do that. We've already signed up a charity called Breathworks, an international mindfulness organisation, founded in the UK, that offers a mindfulness-based approach to living well with stress, pain and illness,” said Phillips.  Weekly content themes are supported by a newsletter every Tuesday, while the weekly podcast is published each Thursday lunchtime.

Site feedback was very positive during the summer test phase, said Ubhi, and he and Phillips are now keen to hone messaging about the platform’s role in the lives of dentists and their teams. “We’re here to make a difference to the whole profession. We’re not here to take any financial information or sell your personal details to advertisers, we’re not selling anything, nor are we marketing to you – to join, all you need are your name, job title and where you work.”

Now that Canny Dentists is fully live, Ubhi and Phillips are exploring ways to bring industry investors onboard raising £150,000 through the government back SEIS investment scheme which offers significant tax incentives to investor. The investment will be used to scale what they’ve achieved so far, drive acquisition and build profile and awareness across the profession before entering into new markets and geographies. The ultimate aim is for it to become a key platform “for the dental profession, invested in by the dental profession”. Ubhi added that they’re also exploring potential partnerships with indemnity providers and corporates to help market Canny Dentists to the wider dental community, plus having conversations with industry associations about promoting Canny Dentists to their members.

To find out more about Canny Dentists visit the website -

To join the groups of practitioners helping to test the site email either or

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