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Bredent implant awarded quality mark at EAO congress

The whiteSKY zirconia implant from bredent in clinical use. (Image: bredent)


Wed. 9 November 2022


LONDON, UK: Introduced in 2006, the whiteSKY system from bredent has proved its efficiency in clinical practice and scientific studies. At the congress of the European Academy for Osseointegration, which was held from 29 September to 1 October in Switzerland, the second generation of the zirconia implant system was awarded a quality mark certificate from the CleanImplant Foundation. The Trusted Quality Mark awarded by the CleanImplant Foundation is an internationally recognised quality award and was created to recognise that a dental implant system has met the highest quality standards. It was created to provide dentists with the information they need in order to select an implant system that will protect patients from avoidable risks and from the potentially severe consequences of treatment with less regulated implants.

Excellent clinical and scientific results

The first generation whiteSKY implant is one of the best documented zirconia implant systems available. Clinical and scientific examinations were carried out from the beginning. According to the company, histological examinations confirmed the good osseointegration of the implants, and these results were also confirmed clinically. The long-term survival rate is on par with that of titanium implants. The bone level is stable in the long term and the red–white aesthetic results are superb. The second generation whiteSKY retains these proven success factors and introduces improvements requested by the customers. In a ten-year follow-up study, Dr Andrea Borgonovo evaluated the success rate of 26 first-generation one-piece whiteSKY zirconia implants. The success rate was 100%, and there was an average marginal bone loss of less than 1 mm and an average periodontal probing depth of 3 mm with no bleeding on probing. In a few cases, there was a slight bone gain of less than 1 mm. When compared with titanium implants, the whiteSKY zirconia implant was found to achieve similar or even better long-term results.

Proven manufacturing process and successful clinical therapy

The two new improved designs retain all the beneficial features of the first generation whiteSKY. With whiteSKY Tissue Line and Alveo Line, the intricate manufacturing process from hot isostatic pressed zirconia and the proven surface treatment remain unchanged. The one-piece design has also been retained to avoid the development of micro-gaps. This guarantees the long-term survival of the implant. The optimised design and the bone-oriented surgical protocol of whiteSKY implants achieve excellent primary stability, which is a prerequisite for immediate restoration. Clinical research indicates that immediate restoration can increase bone–implant contact by 50%.

Concave or tulip?

Both the concave and the tulip shapes offer optimal conditions for the attachment of soft tissue in the sulcus region owing to the implant’s tissue-friendly surface. This improves aesthetics and ensures long-term success. The one-piece whiteSKY Tissue Line is a slim, elegant implant that offers plenty of space for hard and soft tissue and usually does not need customisation.

The one-piece whiteSKY Alveo Line allows dental professionals to fill the alveolus during immediate implant placement and individualise the implant depending on the requirements of the clinical case. The implant can be handled like a natural tooth during impression taking and prosthetic restoration.

Improved prosthetic superstructure

The improved prosthetic superstructure facilitates the integration of completely metal-free restorations with zirconia, lithium disilicate or composite. There are no restrictions in the choice of materials and indications.

More information can be found at www.bredent-implants.com.

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