Digital revolution in focus at BACD Edinburgh congress

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Digital revolution in focus at BACD Edinburgh congress


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View of Edinburgh (Photograph: Shahid Khan/Shutterstock)
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By Dental Tribune International

Wed. 9 November 2016


EDINBURGH, UK: Focusing on the most cutting-edge technology and techniques that can be applied to everyday practice, the British Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) is holding its annual congress this week for members and interested dental professionals. Hosted this year in Edinburgh, the highly anticipated three-day event is aimed at giving attendees an exciting insight into the easy application of digital technology.

The academy has invited a number of internationally respected speakers to this year’s edition to present on a number of topics, including dental aesthetics, digital dentistry and smile design. Among them is Dr Jordi Manauta from Mexico, who has been involved in the foundation of the highly regarded Style Italiano study group, as well as in the development of a number of innovative materials and instruments to improve both aesthetic dentistry and clinical photography.

Manauta’s hands-on session is just one of the many fantastic learning opportunities at this year’s annual conference. London dentist Dr Andrew Dawood, for example, will show attendees how he uses digital technology to improve treatment for his patients.

“I’ll demonstrate how I use these technologies to construct a virtual environment for better implant planning and placement, and to make treatment less invasive and better tailored to the patient’s needs,” he explained.

Implantology is only one field in which digital technology has helped to deliver incredibly accurate treatments in a safer, more cost-effective manner. From practice management to diagnostics and treatment, it has pervaded every aspect of the profession and helped propel it into the twenty-first century. It is something that every practice can utilise, not just those who can afford to purchase the latest 3-D scanner or CBCT machine. In whichever way it is employed in practice, it can help improve standards and enhance business, according to the BACD.

The congress in Edinburgh is taking place from 10 to 12 November. It will provide attendees with an unprecedented opportunity to meet and network with some of the profession’s foremost practitioners, learn more about cosmetic dentistry and rediscover their passion for beautiful, modern dentistry. With a line-up of internationally prominent speakers, exclusive hands-on sessions and thought-provoking lectures—not to mention an eclectic trade show—the 2016 annual conference is shaping up to be even better than previous years.

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