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Anthogyr launches Axiom X3

Based on Anthogyr’s expertise and its experience over the last ten years, the new implant system is part of the Axiom ecosystem and has a strong focus on tissue preservation. (Video: Anthogyr)

Wed. 30 March 2022


SALLANCHES, France: French implantology specialist Anthogyr has recently extended its Axiom implant system with the launch of Axiom X3. The Axiom implant range is well-known among dental implantologists for outstanding prosthetic performance, simplicity of use and consistency in treatment results. The latest addition continues the legacy of its predecessors, Axiom REG and PX, and takes their advantages for practitioners and patients to a whole new level.

“Axiom X3 is the quintessence of our implant experience, merging versatility and performance―a rare combination,” said Eric Genève, CEO of Anthogyr.

Axiom X3―Anthogyr’s answer to the evolution of modern implantology

Axiom X3 features a unique patented design that promises a completely new clinical experience. Its profile was designed for controlled insertion and optimal stability in a wide range of indications with maximum bone preservation regardless of bone density.

For practitioners, the new implant offers a number of benefits. It provides a solution to daily implant challenges, including immediate treatment and quick short protocols, and offers easy implementation together with full integration into the Axiom ecosystem. For patients it represents a less invasive treatment that prevents bone loss.

An XXL launch

“Everything about Axiom X3 is bold,” said Catherine Berruyer, Anthogyr product manager.

Over a period of one year, 70 practitioners in seven countries tested the new implant. At the end of the test phase, more than 700 implants had been placed. The clinical feedback was extremely positive, and 100% of the participants committed to adopting the solution from 2022.

The launch of the new implant was officially celebrated with a livestreamed event on 10 March. Anthogyr has now entered into the final marketing and distribution phase, which will benefit from “an unrivalled simultaneous release in the Western European markets”, underlined Yanik Segginger, head of global marketing and education. The introduction of the product in the rest of Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and China will be in phases, ending in 2024.

About Anthogyr

Based in Sallanches at the foot of the Mont Blanc massif, Anthogyr has specialised in the design and manufacture of innovative implant solutions and instruments for dental surgery for over 70 years. Anthogyr partners with dental surgeons and dental technicians in order to achieve complete dental restoration. The company, which is part of the Straumann Group, manufactures its products in France and Luxembourg.

More information can be found at www.straumann.com/anthogyr.



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