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When health and luxury meet—turning daily oral care into wellness with Swiss Smile

By Curaden
September 04, 2020

ZÜRICH, Switzerland: If it were up to Swiss oral health brand Swiss Smile, oral care would not be ordinary. Swiss Smile combines clinical expertise with timeless design, using nothing but the finest of ingredients and materials. Its gift sets are popular with luxury hotels, and its brushes and toothpastes with those who see oral hygiene as a ritual of wellness and enjoyable self-care. Last week at the Swiss Deluxe Hotels Partners Day, Swiss Smile distinguished itself as the go-to partner for luxury oral care products.

When oral care and luxury meet

“The Swiss Deluxe Hotels partner meeting is an amazing opportunity for us to meet hotel directors and purchasers and to strengthen our ties with Swiss Deluxe Hotels itself,” says Christina Fürst, Swiss Smile’s marketing manager. Indeed, Swiss Smile is not your ordinary oral care brand, but caters to luxury hotels and spas who wish to give their customers a gift, dental practices that value wellness and aesthetics, and those private customers who want oral health products that offer the highest effectiveness but also timeless design.

“Swiss Smile differs from other oral health brands by its absolute commitment to helping you realise that a smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear,” said Fürst. “Our products are designed to be maximally efficient, but also more than that. Those with high demands for design, quality and effectiveness will be particularly impressed. Our products serve the purpose of turning daily oral care into a moment of wellness.”

Premium ingredients, premium quality

Gentle whitening with the hardest of materials: the effect of diamond glow’s 1 carat of the finest diamond particles is an exceptionally soft polishing and whitening. With a relative dentine abrasiveness value of 20, diamond glow is the only whitening toothpaste to employ diamond particles with such low abrasiveness. (Image: Swiss Smile)

According to Fürst, Swiss Smile offers exceptionally luxurious dental care with products based on the highest clinical standards. “Our diamond glow gentle whitening toothpaste, for instance, contains exactly 1 carat of diamond particles, but is the only one to use the material in a way that is gentle on teeth and gingivae. Our pearl shine dental conditioner is a fine-pored dental foam that visibly brightens the teeth and reduces sensitivity for 16 hours with a new and unique technology. A 3D matrix bonds seamlessly to any damaged tooth surfaces and sensitive tooth necks, gently repairing them and preventing further staining. In addition to our cosmetic standards, we can rely on the expert clinical experience of our partner Curaden and engage with around 200,000 dentists in over 60 countries.”

Swiss Smile was created by Swiss dentists Drs Haleh Abivardi and Golnar Abivardi in collaboration with Swiss oral health company Curaden, which has been active in oral prophylaxis for over 40 years. Swiss Smile is linked to a network of over 28 dental clinics across Switzerland where the products are available. Visit the Swiss Smile website for more info.

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