How the SKY fast & fixed implant system lives up to its name

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How the SKY fast & fixed implant system lives up to its name


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SKY fast & fixed is a pioneering solution for implant-supported full-arch immediate restorations. (Image: bredent)

By bredent

Wed. 14 September 2022


CHESTERFIELD, UK: SKY fast & fixed is an implant treatment system from German implants company bredent. It was developed with input from experienced implantologists, prosthodontists and dental technicians and allows clinicians to perform extractions, implantations and immediate restorations with fixed prostheses in just one day, avoiding major augmentation procedures.

Since 2007, bredent has been investing in engineering a system with a multifaceted profile specifically designed to fulfil smile restoration expectations safely and in a short time. Its routine, standardised procedures make it cost-effective for patients and clinicians alike. With easy-to-follow processes in place, treatment predictability is ensured, mitigating any risk of error, complication or patient disappointment. Additionally, with immediate full-arch restoration, approximately 80% of cases can be managed using this standardised protocol.

Owing to angular placement of the implants, the use of native bone is optimised and perfect biomechanical support of the restoration is achieved. Perfectly matched superstructure materials from the bredent group for the SKY fast & fixed implants allow for the fabrication of provisional restorations in less than 2 hours after surgery in a conventional workflow or before surgery in a digital workflow, thereby facilitating effective and efficient immediate restoration.

“The clinical results with SKY fast & fixed are sensational. The system has delivered much more than promised. The results are better than with delayed immediate implantation—not only regarding patient satisfaction but with the whole process—and the clinical outcomes after 15 years are great,” said Dr Michael Weiß, a dental implant specialist from Ulm in Germany. “Today, 95% of our implant patients are restored immediately, and the SKY fast & fixed implant therapy works fantastically. We have a success rate of over 99%. The solution is minimally invasive. The main advantage is that patients receive their temporary restorations immediately and we preserve the tissue. We stabilise the hard and soft tissue, the papillae, gingival contour, and so on,” he continued.

Suresh Chohan, an implantologist from Birmingham in the UK, said: “With bredent, I was drawn to the fact there was a wide range of implant options, such as tissue-level implants, bone-level implants, sub-crestal implants and ultrashort implants, which are ideal when dealing with a range of different situations. It was therefore a no-brainer to switch to the bredent SKY system, which I use in 99.5% of my cases. I also love the fact that it is a simplified prosthetic process. You can use the same surgical kit for all these different implants, and it comes with the drills too.”

Experience SKY fast & fixed

For the last 15 years, the bredent group has promoted protocols for immediate restoration, and in particular the SKY fast & fixed concept. During the company’s current Pioneer in Immediate3 tour, dental professionals can learn more about the advances in modern implantology and gain the winning edge for their practice and laboratory.

This month and next month, the tour is touching down in Istanbul in Turkey, Almaty in Kazakhstan, Bucharest in Romania and Goa in India. Delegates will learn about the bredent group’s tissue-related implant management (TRIM), its philosophy of holistic patient management which embraces an interdisciplinary approach among specialists in the dental practice and laboratory in this era of fast-paced digitalisation. In combination with HELBO photodynamic therapy, TRIM helps promote safe osseointegration. The SKY and copaSKY implant systems and prosthetic components and materials promote excellent bone preservation and ensure a hermetic soft-tissue seal while respecting biomechanical principles, backed by fully digital workflows with the bredent group’s all-in-one concept as a complete solution provider.

First case free

Bredent UK is offering dental professionals their first SKY fast & fixed case free, up to ten implants and components. For more information, please visit

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