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GDC seeks new panel members to improve patient protection

The General Dental Council is looking to recruit Investigating Committee panel members. (Photo: rvlsoft/Shutterstock)

Tue. 18 March 2014


LONDON – Last week, the General Dental Council (GDC), the regulatory body for dental professionals in the UK, announced that it will be recruiting up to 35 panel members for the council’s Investigating Committee, which considers allegations of impaired fitness to practise. The GDC is looking for 13 dentists, 11 dental care professionals and 11 lay members.

According to the GDC, the Investigating Committee plays a critical role in the organisation’s work to protect patients. The members individually consider significant amounts of written information and evidence and then, as a panel, decide whether a matter should be closed, advice or warning letters issued, or the case referred to a practice committee.

The council announced that it is seeking candidates with excellent analytical skills and judgement who are able to consider large amounts of information and confidently express their assessment of a case.

Professionals interested in contributing to patient safety are invited to visit the GDC’s recruitment website, where they will be able to access full information about the roles. Applications must be made online through this website. Applications will be accepted until noon on 11 April.

Currently, the GDC maintains a register of 102,000 dentists and dental care professionals.

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