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Going digital for restorative practice is easier than you might think

Clockwise from left: Dr Andrea Agnini, Clemens Schwerin, Dr Ingo Baresel and Dr Alessandro Agnini are among the speakers in a six-part webinar series on digital dentistry hosted by Align Technology. (Images: Agnini, Schwerin, Baresel)
Align Technology

Align Technology

Tue. 11 May 2021


LONDON, UK: The benefits of adopting a digital workflow are more compelling than ever. To go digital, however, dental professionals need to rationalise the move away from their existing functional analogue workflow—a shift which may seem quite daunting and confusing at first. In an upcoming online event, titled “Going digital—guidance for restorative practice”, on 19 May at 7:30 p.m. CEST, experts will show how dental professionals can approach this.

The online event is the kick-off of a new six-part digital excellence webinar series hosted by Align Technology, during which a roster of international experts will help dental professionals and laboratory owners kick-start their digital journey and grow with the company’s iTero intra-oral scanner.

Dr Ingo Baresel, president of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für digitale orale Abformung (German association for intra-oral scanning), and master dental technician Clemens Schwerin will perform a step-by-step demonstration of the restorative digital workflow, explain the complete digital workflow from chair to laboratory, and back again, and highlight the efficiencies, communication flow, connectiviry with exocad and the differences to and the commonalities with traditional analogue practice.

In this first webinar too, brothers Drs Andrea and Alessandro Agnini from Italy will explain the scope of the many circumstances in which a digital scanner enhances the contemporary dental practice; its application to everyday workflows, including patient care; and the impact of the digital scanner on practice efficiency and return on investment.

“During this presentation, we are going to look at the digital acceleration touching different branches of dentistry, especially post-COVID-19,” said Dr Andrea Agnini. “We will compare the number of scans, for restorative and orthodontic reasons performed three years ago with today and highlight that the volume has trebled or quadrupled. We will discuss what digital dentistry is bringing to our everyday routine, and the question will not be around reasons to go digital, as this is a concept fully understood by the whole dental community. The question is why go digital with the iTero scanner: because it is a game-changer. We will highlight its versatility and the way it provides doctors with a tool which helps with communication, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, implantology and much more.”

The event will wrap up with take-home message and participants will be able to ask questions to the panel.

The main lanuage of the event is English but simultaneous interpretation into French, Italian, German, Spanish and Polish will be provided. Dental professionals may register for the event at no costs in advance at global.itero.com/digitalexcellenceseries.

The series will continue with a webinar being broadcast once a month from May to December 2021.

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