Implant patients can clean beautifully with the CS 708

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Hitting the spot with the CS 708

Due to its flexible handle, the CS 708 allows patients with implants or orthodontic appliances the perfect cleaning angle. (Image: CURAPROX)

Fri. 27 March 2020


KRIENS, Switzerland: Effectively cleaning around lingual orthodontic appliances, fixed prostheses or dental implants can be a hassle, but the CS 708 toothbrush from Swiss oral health brand CURAPROX allows cleaning of the most difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth.

The CS 708 is the solution for patients who cannot reach all areas of their mouths. Being easily bent, it can access difficult-to-reach areas, cleaning at just the right angle. The brush head is extremely small and very compact. Seven tufts of fine Curen filaments remove plaque wherever it builds up: on implants, fixed prostheses, archwires, orthodontic brackets, lingual orthodontic appliances.

The CS 708 was developed by Drs Kirsten Warrer and Dr Hugo Roberto Lewgoy. According to Dr Lewgoy—a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery and a lecturer at São Leopoldo Mandic College in Brazil—the CS 708 is the answer to the lack of easy-to-use, effective and atraumatic brushes for patients with implants. “The CS 708 is also perfect for cleaning around and between fixed orthodontic appliances, including lingual brackets,” he says.

The CS 708 in short:

  • Bendable brush head for cleaning difficult-to-reach spots
  • Perfect for implants, fixed prostheses, orthodontic brackets, lingual orthodontic appliances
  • Super-compact seven-tuft head
  • Gentle and effective 0.12 mm Curen filaments
  • Made in Switzerland

The CS 708 is available at

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