VITA ENAMIC for CEREC inLab 2M2 Translucent - EM-14 (5)

VITA ENAMIC is the first dental hybrid ceramic in the world with a dual-network structure ( ̴ 96 % ceramic – 14% Polymer ). In this dental material, the dominant ceramic network is strengthened by a polymer network, with both networks fully integrated with one another. In addition to a high degree of elasticity, this innovative hybrid ceramic guarantees a particularly high load capacity after adhesive bonding.

  • Tooth-like material properties
  • Enormous load capacity since masticatory forces are absorbed
  • Fast milling (̴ 6mn in Sirona MC XL)
  • Minimal wear and tear on milling equipment – Burs last longer.
  • Reduction of wall thickness possible to achieve restorations that are gentle on oral substance
  • Crack stop function thanks to its unique dual-network structure
  • Highly-precise and particularly accurate results

For minimally invasive reconstructions and posterior crowns:

  • Reconstructions in cases of limited space available
  • Reconstructions of minor defects
  • Non-prep veneer/tabletop
  • Posterior tooth/molar crown
  • Implant-supported crown


  • Size: EM-14
  • Shade: 2M2
  • Type: Translucent
  • CEREC/inLab


  • Pack of 5 x size EM-14 VITA ENAMIC blocks in shade 2M2

Fri. 1 November 2019, 9:46 AM Devices / Equipments / Materials