UKDC to host Digital Dentistry Conference and Exhibition

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UKDentalCourses looks forward to hosting Digital Dentistry Conference and Exhibition in London

The conference is tailored for general dental practitioners, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and specialised professionals and their teams.: (Image: Kam Hus/Shutterstock)


Wed. 13 April 2022


LONDON, UK: UKDentalCourses (UKDC) is excited to announce that it will be hosting the Digital Dentistry Conference and Exhibition on Saturday, 9 July 2022, in Arts Two lecture theatre at Queen Mary University of London. The event aims to promote the use of digital dentistry by illustrating how it is applied in practice.

This year, the primary objective of the UKDC is to be more clinically focused. This will be achieved by presenting dental devices and illustrating their impact on existing treatments.

The Digital Dentistry Conference and Exhibition offers an opportunity to obtain a clearer understanding of the topic. Attendees will be introduced to the most advanced technologies and will learn about the digital and computer-controlled components that are used in dental procedures. They will be introduced to the latest innovations in the field and will participate in discussions on topics related to prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and implantology.

During the event, attendees will hear from some of the leading organisations in the field. For example, representatives from Planmeca will talk about how digital technology has helped practitioners to transform their practices. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with various types of dental technology, to learn more about the financial benefits of digital dentistry, and to communicate and network with their peers and with dental organisations.

Well-known speakers will focus on the clinical aspects of digital dentistry and its effects on professional life. Lectures will be suitable for those very interested in digital dentistry and related technology as well as for those who still feel uncomfortable about incorporating it into their practices.

Digital dentistry is the way forward, and as new technologies achieve success, the industry will grow exponentially. UKDC constantly encourages professionals, particularly the younger ones, to become engaged in the field. Attendance at conferences and exhibitions allows them to learn about the latest technology on the market.

Event highlights include opportunities to:

  • learn about the latest innovations in digital dentistry and participate in live demonstrations and discussions;
  • get an overview of the effects of related technologies in healthcare, such as scanning, designing and printing;
  • find out about practical and reliable digital methods used in clinical situations and learn how to put theory into practice;
  • book private sessions in advance;
  • use high-tech devices;
  • explore the features of current digital systems and software, including protocols and diagnostics; and
  • learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of existing digital systems.

Positive outcomes of the conference:

  • Attendees will be able to demonstrate improved skills in digital dentistry.
  • They will understand the advantages and disadvantages of certain technology and be able to determine which technology is relevant to their practice or organisation.
  • They will have an overview of available printers used in digital dentistry and their applications.
  • They will be able to scan, take digital impressions and design their work.

Face-to-face live events provide an important platform for introducing new technologies and sharing knowledge, especially in a world that has, for a long time, experienced a lack of live events owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Editorial note:

All attendees will be provided with continuing professional development certificates. To improve access, those unable to participate on-site owing to existing travel restrictions will be able to tune in to the conference online. The speakers’ timetables are yet to be confirmed and will be announced before the conference. For more information on the event and to book your tickets, please visit the event website.

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