Number of dental patients continues to increase

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Number of dental patients continues to increase


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Health authorities recommend that patients be recalled for dental check-ups at intervals of three to 24 months, depending on the individual’s oral health status. (Photo: markos86/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Thu. 13 February 2014


LEEDS – Last week, the National Health Service (NHS) released the latest statistics regarding the number of patients seen by NHS dentists in England in 2013. The numbers show that in total almost 30 million patients received dental care last year.

According to the report, 29.9 million patients were seen by an NHS dentist in 2013, including over 22 million adult patients and almost 8 million children. The total number of patients has increased by 1.8 million over the past eight years. In 2006, the NHS recorded 28.1 million dental patients and 29.5 million patients in 2011.

The number of adult patients seen has risen by 1.7 million (8.3 per cent) since 2006. The number of children seen by an NHS dentist, however, was only 1.0 per cent above the 2006 baseline of 7.8 million and the percentage of children seen (69.0 per cent) remained below the baseline (70.2 per cent).

The “NHS Dental Statistics for England: 2013-14, second quarterly report” was published online on 12 February. This quarterly report is based on data collected by NHS Dental Services and is used by the Department of Health to inform government policy on the planning and delivery of local dental services. It is available on the website of the Health and Social Care Information Centre, a national provider of information, data and IT systems for health and social care.

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