Nearly one in three warnings issued by GDC relate to personal conduct

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Nearly one in three warnings issued by GDC relate to personal conduct


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Dentists are not immune to personal behaviour ramifications. (Photograph: Aaron Amat/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Thu. 16 May 2019


LONDON, UK: Being brought before the General Dental Council (GDC) can be a lengthy and distressing process, with potentially serious consequences, for UK-based dentists. A freedom of information request lodged by Dental Protection, part of the not-for-profit Medical Protection Society for doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals, has found that close to one in three warnings issued by the GDC over the past five years related to personal conduct matters.

Between 1 December 2013 and 30 November 2018, 686 warnings were issued to dentists and dental care professionals by the GDC. Of these, 29 per cent were due to transgressions in personal conduct, around three-quarters of which were given as a result of driving offences.

Dr Raj Rattan, MBE, Dental Director at Dental Protection, said in a press release announcing the finding: “The GDC investigation process can be very unsettling for dentists who fear that their reputation is at stake. If you receive a warning you will have to disclose details of the sanction in any future job applications. Any dentist who receives a published warning will also find that details of the warning are put on the GDC website.”

“While many healthcare professionals may feel that personal conduct issues do not necessarily make you unfit to practise, the GDC are clear that dental professionals have a responsibility in their personal life to behave appropriately,” Rattan continued.

“Dental Protection continues to support dentists throughout all stages of a GDC investigation by providing the best possible support from our experienced team,” he concluded.

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