Latest Impress flagship clinic for invisible orthodontic services to be in Leeds

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Latest Impress flagship clinic for invisible orthodontic services to be in Leeds


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Impress has announced that its latest flagship clinic will be situated in Leeds in the UK and will provide initial in-person consultations for patients. (Image: Impress)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Wed. 29 June 2022


LEEDS, UK: Europe’s largest invisible orthodontics chain has announced a massive 3,300 ft² clinic, the first true flagship for Leeds and the fourth flagship clinic for the UK. The opening date has not been finalised, but it is known that the clinic will be located at 84–86 Vicar Lane in Leeds and will offer three dental chairs and five patient treatment rooms.

Impress UK Country Manager Bruce Bower remarked: “We are very excited to open our first flagship clinic in Leeds, following the success of our other UK flagships in London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Our clinic will bring the most innovative approach to orthodontic care to the city.”

In order to expand across Europe, fund a new production facility and promote digitalisation, Impress raised US$50 million (£40.8 million) in 2021, paving the way for the new in-person clinics. The company’s strategy focuses entirely on invisible orthodontics, and it is thus able to slash prices while maintaining quality.

The flagship clinics are also designated locations for patients to drop off used aligner trays for recycling.

An Impress patient is provided with an initial consultation at one of the clinics. This includes a full oral check-up, a radiograph and 3D scans. From that point, the medical professionals at Impress develop a customised virtual simulation of the entire treatment process. The patient then uses a mobile dental application from home in order to have his or her progress monitored. He or she can communicate with the medical team remotely.

“At Impress, our mission is to provide our patients with an excellent experience of invisible orthodontics, and we want to make it available to as many people as possible,” said Bower.

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