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Innovative toothbrushing system finds an audience on UK national television

Sian Ellingworth was featured on a recent episode of the television show Dragons' Den, where she presented the concept behind her Buddies toothbrushing system. (Photograph: Buddies)

Mon. 11 February 2019


LONDON, UK: A toothbrushing system aimed at younger children who respond negatively to conventional toothpaste flavours has been received positively after its inventor, Sian Ellingworth, pitched her idea to the panel on BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

Ellingworth, who has a degree in biochemistry, created Buddies when she discovered that one of her two sons had an aversion to brushing his teeth with regular toothpaste. Eventually her focus transitioned from improving her son’s oral hygiene habits to addressing those of younger children in general, as well as for the elderly and those with special needs. The Buddies toothbrushing system includes a safe, easy-to-use and mess-free electric toothbrush whose gentle movements are designed specifically for toddlers, as well as fluoride toothpastes that are available in two mild-tasting flavours.

Ellingworth was featured on an episode of Dragons’ Den that ran on BBC Two on 27 January 2019. There, she presented the concept behind Buddies to a panel of five wealthy investors, or “Dragons”, of which two—businessmen Touker Suleyman and Tej Lalvani—offered their support and a combined investment of £60,000.

“I was impressed by the Dragons’ ability to hone in immediately to the key points of my business and point out the pros and cons,” said Ellingworth.

“I was understandably nervous, but despite their fearsome reputation, the Dragons were extremely supportive. I knew that my business would not be a fit for them all, but all the Dragons showed an interest and provided very helpful pointers,” she continued.

“I am grateful to have won the backing of two Dragons. They both have manufacturing backgrounds and global businesses. Their support, advice and contacts will be invaluable to Buddies,” she concluded.

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