Henry Schein launches programme to fight child caries in Northern Ireland

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Henry Schein launches programme to fight child caries in Northern Ireland


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A new programme will provide education and oral health preventative and treatment services to underserved primary schoolchildren in Northern Ireland. (Photo courtesy of Henry Schein Dental UK)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Sun. 27 October 2013


GILLINGHAM – Last week, Henry Schein Dental UK, an affiliate of Henry Schein, one of the world’s largest providers of dental care products and services, announced the launch of a new oral health and education programme in Northern Ireland. Over the next two years, it will help improve oral hygiene among underserved primary schoolchildren.

According to Henry Schein Dental UK, Helping Kids Smile was launched in recognition of the critical oral health issue of early tooth decay among primary schoolchildren in deprived communities in the UK. In the scope of the programme, children will be instructed in maintaining a consistent brushing schedule, using proper brushing techniques and following a nutritious diet. In addition, they will receive dental examinations every six months by a local dental practitioner over the next two years.

Helping Kids Smile was launched in collaboration with 42 North Street Dental Care and Colgate UK. The programme was designed to connect oral health professionals, the dental industry, and local governments and school boards in order to provide the educational foundation, necessary materials and supplies, community support mechanism, public facilities, and expertise of volunteer dental practitioners to combat the oral health challenges among Northern Ireland’s underserved children.

Dentists interested in joining the project may contact Henry Schein Dental UK.

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