GDC suspends dentist in rare case of malpractice

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GDC suspends dentist in rare case of malpractice


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Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Thu. 2 October 2014


LONDON, UK: The General Dental Council (GDC) has reported that it is suspending the registration of a dentist from Northern Ireland, after a public hearing held by the disciplinary panel in London over the last few weeks found him guilty of over 100 charges of malpractice. According to the council, he will be banned from practising dentistry for five years unless he exercises his right of appeal against being struck off the register within the next 28 days.

The suspension is a rare case of a member of the dental profession in the UK facing such a high number of malpractice charges. In addition to allegations of having misdiagnosed oral lesions and other conditions that led to the development of oral cancer, the council said that he had failed to carry out biopsies when necessary and misinformed patients about their condition.

Other charges against him involved poor patient management and record keeping.

The council said that he had mistreated 27 of the patients he saw while working as consultant at the Royal Victoria Hospital’s School of Dentistry in Belfast between 2006 and 2010. He was removed from the post when patients he had treated presented with symptoms of oral cancer.

Until August, he had worked as a dental educator at Queen’s University Belfast, but lost in an unfair dismissal case.

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