Couple finds human tooth in sausage

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Couple finds human tooth in sausage


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A British couple was surprised when it found a human tooth in a sausage package. (Demonstration image courtesy of Sharon Day/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Mon. 11 February 2013


QUEENBOROUGH – A couple from the UK has found a human tooth in a package of premium brand sausage. Representatives of the popular British supermarket chain that sells the product first claimed it was animal bone and then stated that the tooth was not in the meat when delivered to the store.

As reported by the MailOnline website, 27-year-old Tony Hinds from Queenborough bought a pack of the supermarket’s finest pork and chive sausages to make sausage rolls. When opening the package, Hinds’ wife found the tooth with an amalgam filling.

The couple returned to the store and filled in an incident report. The tooth was then sent for analysis. A month later, the supermarket chain apologised in a letter but stated that the object was not a tooth but a piece of bone. For their inconvenience, the couple received a £15 voucher.

After a second complaint, the company eventually confirmed that it was indeed a tooth but stated that “after a thorough investigation, we are confident the tooth was not inside the product when it arrived at the store”. Another £10 voucher was added.

According to the letter, all products undergo robust testing during the manufacturing process, including metal detection. The object in question was part metal and it was easily picked up by the metal detector during supplier tests.

Tony Hinds told the MailOnline that a £25 gift card as compensation for finding a human tooth in his food is not acceptable. He wants “some reasonable acknowledgement of what it was”.

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