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Why caring today is the biggest investment you can make – It takes time

Dr Affan Saghir is internationally renowned by patients and peers for his superior patient experience. Developing an ethical and engaging chairside manner to make patients feel comfortable and at ease is not always a straightforward task. However, this is exactly where Dr Affan Saghir excels and is in part the reason behind his success as one of the top Invisalign Go providers worldwide.

During this session, Dr Affan will cover:
  • The power of active listening, its connection to patient and treatment adherence and how to refine this skill
  • Tips for developing an ethical and engaging in-chair patient experience
  • How to build trusted and long-lasting patient relationships
  • Why time is of essence when it comes to treatment acceptance
Please note:  The previous information and course content information we shared did not reflect Dr Affan’s personal ethos and he has therefore asked for it to be refined.    

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