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Intraoral dental radiography. Essentials and clinical updates for safe and accurate dental radiographs

Dental radiography is a pillar of dental practice. During general dentistry, endodontic treatment or implant dentistry accurate dental radiographic techniques will lead to better diagnosis, better treatment and better outcome with more precision, less radiation exposure and less cross-infection risk.

Overall, even considering recent technological and digital imaging advances, intraoral radiographic techniques follow essential and basic rules. One important aid for successful radiographs is the use of holder systems that considerably help the workflow while fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements. Bite wing, periapical, anterior or posterior radiographs need well designed holders that are ergonomic and simple to use. To minimize radiation exposure, all radiographs taken should be justified and optimized. The correct choice and use of x-ray holders avoid retakes, minimize loss of information and save considerable time. In this webinar Dr. Ishkhan Yeghiayan presents an overview of intraoral dental radiography techniques in a clinical approach and evidence-based data, sharing his experience thru the system he uses in his practice.

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