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Has Lockdown got you feeling you can’t be there for your patients? Embrace technology to futureproof patient care and your practice.

Let’s not beat around the bush and consciously accept the fact that 2020 took all sectors by surprise. Dentistry included. We were advised to shut our practices from our regulating bodies at extremely short notice and left with the somewhat unfathomable task of maintaining patient care at the same time ensuring practice survival can remain. With varying amounts of limited support offered to practices (whether fully NHS, mixed or fully private) – all businesses had extremely difficult decisions to make.

With all dental practice income streams dropping and many practices’ income streams halting to a standstill, however expenses still needing to be settled – what did you do? What can we do? With our previous inability to open our doors to patients but still having the same desire to be there for our patients – what did you do? What can we do? The first thing is acceptance of the fact not to waste energy on what is beyond your control. Focus all your efforts on ensuring patient care is maintained and position your business in a way to bounce back once allowed to operate at full capacity as pre-pandemic conditions; because this will pass, and we will get through this pandemic, together. We are living in the information age where information and data are everything. How are we able to make informed decisions? We must have information and data to make such decisions. How are we supposed to assist our patients’ problems and concerns when we have limited information streams available to us such as email/text/phone calls? With many patients now also reluctant to leave home – how are we able to help with limited information? We must have more data – this is what dental check-ups are for! Dentists are visual people! This is where technology can help us. Embrace technology to gain more data from patients to be able to offer an enhanced level of care. The technology is here and available in extremely user-friendly ways (for dentists, dental practice staff and patients alike). Join me as I discuss how I embraced technology and in particular a ground-breaking AI driven system to accurately help me be there for my patients with limited staff and resources around me due to the initial closure of dental practices. At the end of day, we all want the best for our patients, therefore it would be a detriment to patient care if we did not consider how technology can aid and increase our level of care. Not only did our practice survive, but began to thrive once dental practices were allowed to re-open ensuring safety was maintained (via limited patient contact & continues to do so). We built on these systems and they are now the backbone of our practice with the underlying intention of offering the greatest level of service for our wonderful patients.

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