Straumann successfully concludes digital dentistry roadshow

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Straumann successfully concludes digital dentistry roadshow

Justin Annett (fourth from left) with the Straumann road show team. (Photograph: Daniel Zimmermann, DTI)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Thu. 27 July 2017


MANCHESTER, UK: Swiss company Straumann has massively expanded its digital workflow solutions over the past few years. At the recent International Dental Show in Cologne, for example, 3D printers, which were created through a partnership with German developer Rapid Shape, were added to its already extensive portfolio. At a roadshow recently held in several locations throughout the UK, dentists and technicians had the opportunity to get their hands on the company’s new products and find out how these could benefit their practices.

In addition to the new P Series 3D printer, which garnered the most interest according to Straumann’s Marketing Director Justin Annett, the company had all of its digital equipment on display, including the Straumann Cares IO Portable Intraoral Scanner, the desktop lab scanner and the milling system series. Participants were also able to get their hands on the TRIOS intraoral scanner from 3Shape, which is used for taking powderless chairside impressions and has been available from Straumann since March, thanks to a new distribution agreement. Overall, the 10-day digital performance roadshow took place in seven locations across the UK including London, Coventry and Leeds. The roadshows consisted of product demonstrations presented by Straumann staff and clinical experts inside a purposely built 2000 horse power truck.

“The feedback to this has been extremely positive,” Annett told Dental Tribune at the event in Manchester last week. “In addition to a high number of labs and technicians who are already using our equipment and are looking for new areas to invest in, we had a lot of participants who are completely new to the digital workflow.”

According to Annett, however, the tour was about far more than having products on display. “With this roadshow we are able to not only showcase our latest solutions for a digital workflow, but also explain in detail how it can benefit every single practice. And we offer some great deals on the products too,” he said.

Straumann has invested heavily in digital solutions in the last few years. Under the CARES umbrella, equipment, state-of-the-art materials and digital technology have been combined with the aim to offer dental professionals an efficient and validated workflow, whether they just need something for their case planning or want to produce customised dental prosthetics in-house. The compact, yet powerful Straumann CARES M Series milling and grinding system, for example, allows the dentist to mill almost any kind of prosthetics from a wide range of materials, including zirconia, glass ceramic or PMMA.

With its comprehensive portfolio that also includes an outsourced scan and design platform, Scan & Shape, the company is now able to offer a digital workflow for almost any practice or lab in the country.

“Dentistry always used to be behind a bit in the implementation of digital technology. In the last few years, however, we have seen an real explosion of interest,” Annett said. “Straumann is well-positioned for the future as it not only offers a full digital portfolio, but also the support that, especially beginners, need.”

Straumann already has plans for another tour that will probably take place next year. Dates will be announced on the Straumann website, where professionals can also find more information about the company’s digital portfolio and product offering.


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