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Neoss Group announces expansion across UK, Ireland and Nordic region

Neoss Group has announced the expansion of the company into the specific markets of the UK, Ireland and Nordic regions. (Image: pogonici/Shutterstock)

Tue. 10 January 2023


HARROGATE, UK: As Neoss Group continues its successful expansion across the European market, the company has announced further appointments to leadership positions to manage the new sales regions, which include the UK and Ireland and the Nordic region.

Fernando Spieler, previously national sales manager, has taken over as managing director in the new-minted Neoss UK & Ireland Ltd. “I am excited about this new opportunity and new chapter for Neoss on the British Isles. I am confident this will give us a better opportunity to help our customers support their patients better utilising our Neoss solutions.” The new area will be directed from the same building as the present Neoss headquarters in Harrogate.

Neoss Norden AB is the name Neoss will operate under in the Nordic region of targeted marketing and will be run by Albin Wahlstrand as managing director. Dr Robert Gottlander, president and CEO of Neoss Group, commented: “The Neoss Norden AB organisation is an important foundation to be able to support our growing customer base in the Nordics. For us the Nordic region is particularly important due to the Neoss and dental implant heritage.” Offices for Neoss Norden AB are located adjacent to the Institute of Odontology and the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

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