3DISC presents expanded digital imaging portfolio in Birmingham

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3DISC presents expanded digital imaging portfolio in Birmingham

(Photographs: 3Disc, Denmark)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Thu. 21 April 2016


BIRMINGHAM, UK: Dental equipment manufacturer 3DISC Imaging (Booth B52) is inviting visitors to the Dentistry Show to experience the high diagnostic value of its digital imaging portfolio, which includes the compact and fast FireCR Dental Reader and FireCam HD intra-oral camera.

The FireCR Dental photostimulable phosphor reader ensures fast and high-definition images with five image plate sizes. The full-size 4c image plate enables dentists to capture more teeth and roots on the same image, avoiding having to stitch smaller images together on computer. Installing it takes just 15 minutes from box to first image, according to 3Disc. The image plate-protecting magnetised tray further ensures a longer image plate life, by keeping it completely flat and thereby avoiding bending it during read-out.

The size of a shoebox, the FireCR Dental fits into even the most space-challenged clinics, according to the company, while the easy-to-use software, network/TWAIN interface and free software upgrades make it a safe investment.

“We have a FireCR Dental in each of our exam rooms because it increases our productivity. The FireCR Dental is incredibly simple. It is easy to install and easy to use with a very unproblematic workflow. We received a good introduction, but even without training, the system is intuitively easy to use. I would definitely recommend to all dentists who are about to invest in new digital X-ray equipment to first consider a FireCR Dental,” said a Danish dentist already using the system.

With 5 megapixels, 3DISC’s newest intra-oral camera, FireCam HD, offers one of the highest resolutions on the market, allowing clinicians to see every detail while examining their patients’ teeth. A touch-sensitive 360° action button allows capturing of an image no matter where it is pressed, in order to prevent inconvenient work positions. This way, dentists can use the FireCam HD during consultations to highlight the patients’ need for treatment by showing them a clear photograph of their dental problems and to document progress during treatments. The device automatically adjusts focus and brightness for the best images possible.

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